Ora et Labora - Prayer and Work

Praying is always possible because the time of the Christian is the time of the risen Christ who remains "with us always" (Matthew 28:20). Prayer and Christian life are therefore inseparable:

"It is possible to offer frequent and fervent prayer even at the market place or strolling alone. It is possible also in your place of business, while buying or selling, or even while cooking."
(Saint John Chrysostom - Doctor of the Church) CCC #2742 - 2745 and 2757


We pray the Liturgy of the Hours and practice the prayerful reading and study of Scripture called Lectio Divina. We know that spiritual maturity and growth come from constantly seeking the nourishing Waters of both Scripture and prayer. This commitment to growth is always a challenge to us as we endeavor to shed our secular mindset and focus upon developing the theological and cardinal virtues. It is through prayer that we seek Our Lord, to develop a close relationship with Him Who saved us.

We also practice other devotions including the rosary and novenas. We endeavor to attend Mass daily: sometimes distance makes this difficult yet we do commit to attend all Sunday Masses as well as the major feasts and Holy Days of Obligation.


Our lives are simplified: we raise much of our own food through our gardens and laying hens. We may also keep bees and raise herbs and livestock. Of particular interest is the preservation of heritage seeds and livestock. Some of us do have jobs away from the homestead yet it is always our goal to remain as close to the family and home as possible. We believe in maintaining close family ties and incorporating our Catholic faith in our daily living.

Our children work by our sides in caring for the animals and the home. In this way they are able to learn their faith and family skills by example and word. Many Plain Catholic families homeschool their children using Catholic curriculi/programs so that the children may learn in a setting set apart from the secular influences of public schools. By participating in homeschool groups, the children are under the care of their parents while they learn social skills that comply with Gospel living.

Laughter and joy is found throughout our day. Whether we are praying, at Mass, volunteering or at daily chores and jobs, we support one another and appreciate the blessings with which God is so generous. We seek to welcome all as Christ Himself (Matthew 25:35).

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